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This is a F2P Mobile Game! DO NOT BUY!

Seriously this game was not worth my time in the mobile space and it sure as HELL is not worth $10 on the PC as a port. This crap should be illegal to do. They have microtransactions for their F2P game and I'm sure they ported those damn things as well....

1 Thg11, 2021 @ 3:30pm

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The Basics - Character, Gameplay, Abilities, and More

This guide is will go over some of the basics that players either pickup on earlier in the game, things that are good to know about the game before you buy, and ideas for character builds, abilities and theories. I hope to expand this in the future to expl... 

Best dmg type ?

on the mainland i was quite happy with my trusty spears found a decent mid to high dmg with lower focus cost of alot of the others. but now that i have hit the island after killing for a few hours im starting to wonder as 150 dmg is rendered down to 50-70 after NPCs buff armor for 10+ rounds all the time and 90% of the random encounters ive faced are all mobs with insane abilitys and huge health pools in the 3-5k more akin to boss fights on the mainland. i bought the 17K high end spear b4 comming to isla...

12 Thg01 @ 1:52pm

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Will the game be updated to latest mobile versions content?

I would like to buy this game but I've seen that there is much more content in the mobile version. Is it planned for the steam for version to eventually become updated to the latest mobile versions content? I understand that with Vendir: Plague of Lies in development it must be hard to update all versions of this game however it would be nice to know if updates are planned...

26 Thg06 @ 1:32pm

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Legendary Bloodlines Do Not Appear?!

Hi, sorry but I am already level 61 and my Legendary Bloodlines do not appear as an option. Can you, please, give me information why is that could be? Thanks, in advance.

1 Thg04 @ 12:04am

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